Homer is the sweetest Iggy boy! He loves to play with his toys, and tries to get the older Iggies in his foster home to play tug of war with him. He would love to be in a home with other playful Iggies. Homer walks nicely on leash, is fine with other dogs and cats that are ok with dogs, potties outside, and enjoys sharing your lap and bed. He will crate, but is not happy about it and we are working on that.

Homer is overweight and is on a diet. He LOVES food and looks for handouts in every hand. He has a beautiful seal colored coat and an angelic face. His behavior matches that angel face - he does not get into trouble when out of the crate and has not required crating when his foster family is not home. Homer is 8 years old. He will be available for adoption after he has a dental cleaning and his mouth heals.

Homer is located in Indiana, and will be adopted within the state of Indiana or a bordering state. If you are interested in learning more about him, please contact Kim Bunger, topironhorse2000@hotmail.com.


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